Special services



Services at limited access facilities

Inter Group has specialized in providing limited access facility services with the use of rope access techniques, telescopic and pressure cleaners. During work the Company uses certified specialist equipment. 

Special tasks

The Company performs special tasks without the need to build scaffolding which makes our offer more competitive. If needed, our equipment includes basket crane truck. The Company operates across the country as well as abroad. Others will do it ‘somehow’; we will do it with know-how.   

The Company fine cleans horizontal surfaces, surfaces unclean for long periods of time or those without prior cleaning, apartments prior to being taken over by the investor.

One of our new services is hydrodynamic painting of facades, masts, smoke stacks, and street poles as well as anticorrosive protection of steel constructions.

Washing and cleaning

The Company provides washing, window, façade, glass surface, solar panel, smoke stack, roof, trough and windmill cleaning with the use of high-tech methods such as purified water as well as specialist chemicals.

Assembly, disassembly

The Company provides large-format advertisement, banner, coffer, billboard, and lighting assembly. We specialize in demolition, disassembly and threat removal work. The Company installs systems eliminating unwanted bird gatherings, “bird-spikes”, and wire meshes.

Snow removal

The Company’s offer includes removal of snow from roofs, icicle and snow overhang removal, trough defrosting. We also remove snow from parking spaces and public squares.

Movie set work

The Company offers assistance at movie and photo sets in terms of providing basket crane trucks and lifts. We perform photo reports from limited access sites with the help of video-drone.

Commemorative building decoration

The Company provides building decoration for special occasions and events (holidays, openings).

During our work the Company uses certified specialist equipment.