Video surveillance


Technological security

As part of technological security, the company provides a wide range of services connected to the introduction of electronic and mechanical security systems facilitating security. Due to the knowledge and competence of our technology specialists, security systems provided by Inter Group are appropriately selected, configured and installed, while their operating personnel guarantees effective use.

Surveillance center

The Company has our own Surveillance Center which utilizes technologically advanced equipment allowing for detection of potential irregularities in security staff performance.

Moreover, we provide warrantee and post-warrantee services as well as periodical technical inspections of security systems.

Taking care of our Customer comfort, the technology of our video surveillance was adjusted to individual requirements as well – video alarm.


Access control system

The system is based on video connection between Surveillance Center and the secure facility via CCTV cameras. Video systems are easily integrated with traditional alarm systems installed at the building at a previous date. In both cases, the implemented technology guarantees complete efficiency.


Surveillance system assembly 

As opposed to CCTV systems, it starts functioning exclusively in case of alarm activation. There is no possibility of property and room surveillance if sensors are not activated – it guarantees safety while Customer privacy remains intact.

CCTV cameras, surveillance system assembly, alarm, access control system.