Cleaning and order maintenance

Cleaning and order maintenance


The Company specializes in providing all types of services connected with cleaning and order maintenance according to inner company standards. The Company’s activities in this area are based on latest technologies adequate to individual customer requirements.


The Company uses highest quality chemicals and hygiene products with appropriate certifications and permits.

The cleaning equipment used by the Company meets the requirements of the European Union regulations.

The Company provides a high-tech system of cleaning and maintenance of offices and establishments of similar nature.


Individual schedule

Inter Group provides services for each company according to individualized cleaning schedule accepted by the Customer, both after hours and as part of daytime service.

Service quality

Our personnel include qualified employees trained in office service performing all types of work connected to complex cleaning and maintenance.


Cleaning service

Cleaning and order maintenance is provided by our cleaning service in all types of industrial property.

Working system

While preparing our offer, the Company takes into consideration the specifics of the place and the nature of the facility, the size of the working area as well as the budget allocated for such an aim, on the basis of which the scope, cycle and system of our personnel operations is established.

We utilize high-tech equipment used in large-area spaces.

The cleaning equipment operating at the Company meets the requirements of the European Union regulations.


Food industry

The Company is engaged in the maintenance appropriate sanitary and hygiene conditions in food processing plants, stores, warehouses and other spaces connected to food industry.

Safety standards

The Company implements the latest safety and hygiene standards with the use of the most effective technologies, including GHP requirements.


For the investor

In our offer, the Company includes complex cleaning of newly raised or renovated buildings or apartments prior to investor transfer. 

Working system

The Company’s service is prepared for completion of any order of specific character due to a wide range of cleaning devices.

Work performed as part of the service includes: hotel room, conference halls, sanitation facilities, communications route cleaning as well as bed sheet service management.



This complex cleaning and maintenance service in hotel facilities comprises carrying out tasks of floor service department.

Continuous supervision

The Company guarantees continuous supervision over the service provided as well as qualified personnel, necessary equipment and chemicals.